By Tommy Matthews

The Clippers and Paul George can’t agree, with his player option decision just three days away.

Appearing on ESPN’s Get Up on this morning (YouTube link), Brian Windhorst provided an update:

“I have been told that multiple teams out there are willing to trade for him and offer him the four-year max contract that he’s not currently being offered by the Clippers,” Windhorst said.

“That means he’s got a set of options. But the question is, are the Clippers going to play ball with such a deal, or are they going to risk losing him for nothing if he can walk to a team like Philadelphia or Orlando?

“… At the end of the day, what I think he really wants to do is get that four-year max offer from the Clippers. They have not been willing to go there yet, especially after giving Kawhi Leonard just a three-year deal at less than the max. So this is really a bit of a stare-down right now. At the moment, at least it appears the Clippers (are) kind of calling a bluff from Paul George (about whether) he actually wants to leave his hometown.”

“I’m not so sure Paul George really wanted to leave the West Coast,” Windhorst said in explaining why the Knicks are acquiring Bridges instead of pushing for George.

“I think that was something that Philadelphia kind of ran into when they kicked the tires there.”

Windhort stated on the Hoop Collective podcast that he thinks Philadelphia has “moved past the idea” of landing George, though he cautions that it’s not “dead” yet.


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