By Annie Ross

The Sixers are pissed at Markelle Fultz’s agent.

If you can believe radio blowhard Howard Eskin.

And the jury’s out on that one!

They aren’t upset with Fultz, at least not from the sound of it.

Instead, the frustration from the team is reportedly directed at his agent, Raymond Brothers.

As Eskin of Sports Radio 94 WIP tweeted, the Sixers are “very angry” with Brothers due to the fact that he went straight to ESPN with the diagnosis:

This Markelle Fultz situation the way it’s been handled by agent/attorney Raymond Brothers has the #Sixers very angry. Agent never told Sixers. Went right to #ESPN. Sources also told me diagnosis TOS is not injury, it’s a condition, if that’s really condition. Not nerve damage.

It’s easy to see why the team would be frustrated, especially considering they’ve gone to fairly great lengths to support Fultz over the past year or so. Obviously, the handling of this wasn’t done by the former No. 1 pick, but issues with agents can lead to trouble down the line in some instances.

How this situation plays out will be worth monitoring, but it’s likely we won’t receive any type of an update on Fultz in the immediate future.

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