By Mary Cunningham

The dust is still settling on the news that Comcast is buying out the estate of Ed Snider’s ownership of the Flyers, giving Big C full control of the team.


Just what Brian Roberts needs: a trickle of revenue in a sport that is at best a niche for a company that reaps billions of dollars from the Olympics, prime time TV, Universal Studios and theme parks.

So, the next shoe to drop is who would take the Flyers off Comcast’s hands?

Our friends at Crossing Broad have an idea:

Comcast Specactor is comprised of three properties– the Flyers, the Wells Fargo Center, and the newly-rebranded Spectre, which includes the arena services and hospitality business. The latter is said to have been spun-off to make the properties more attractive to potential buyers.

Insiders speculate that Comcast only wants the TV rights to the Flyers – which it has – and may plan to sell the team and the building as a package, and Spectre separately.

One potential buyer whose name has been floated by a well-connected tipster? Joshua Harris. They speculated that Harris could sell the Devils and then buy the Flyers and The Center, which the Sixers currently rent from Comcast. I’d take the latter with a grain of salt for now. Others speculate that Comcast could sell the Wells Fargo Center or Spectre, but keep the Flyers to further their image as a local company, which is something I think they actually care about.

There are no indications that anything will change with regard to the day-to-day operations of the Flyers as long as Comcast is in control.

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