So says Dan Shaughnessy:

The Sixers beat the Celtics, 103-92, in Game 4 to extend this series and force a Game 5 Wednesday in Boston. Demonstrating an amazing level of sophistication, and appropriate chagrin, the Philly folks did not drop confetti after beating the Celts.

Maybe now the Sixers will bring Kevin Millar to the Garden Wednesday night so that Millar can run around saying, “Don’t let the Sixers win tonight. ’Cuz then you have to go back to Philly and then anything can happen in Game 7.’’

Maybe Sixers coach Brett Brown can implore room-emptying Curt Schilling — who pitched the 1993 Phils into the World Series — to tell the Sixers exactly how you come back from an 3-0 deficit.

Me? I’m not buying it. The Sixers had their chance in the first three games of this series, but they blew a 22-point lead in Game 2 and then imploded in a hail of panic and stupidity (premature confetti) in their own gym Saturday. There is a reason no NBA team has done this and I’m telling you that these Sixers are not up to the task. I haven’t been this sure of anything since I told you there was no way Doug Pederson and Nick Foles were going to beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII.

Meanwhile, my dear Boston fans, can we not have two days of complaining about officials and how the NBA is rigged and how the league needed more programming to get to Sunday and LeBron in the conference finals?

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