By Tommy Matthews

Revisionists in Philly and all over the NBA universe have been throwing shade at Sixers NBA MVP Joel Embiid.

Even though he had a year of a lifetime, efficient on the offensive end and dominant on the defensive end.

He also scored 50-plus in a game three times including scoring a career-high 59 against the Utah Jazz in November.

He made such a difference at the rim just by his mere presence and in Round 2 against the Celtics, there were plenty of times when Jayson Tatum and other Celtics thought twice about challenging the big fella at the basket. He was that dominant.

After leading the league in scoring for the second consecutive season, he finally won his first MVP award after finishing as the runner-up two seasons in a row. It was well-deserved for a guy who has made strides to improve every season in his career.

Unfortunately, the playoffs were a different story. He suffered a sprained LCL in his right knee in Game 3 of Round 1 against the Brooklyn Nets and it caused him to miss two games. His playoff numbers read 23.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks while shooting 43.1% from the floor and just 17.9% from deep.

Most people will remember the playoff shortcomings, but Embiid had one amazing season that should be celebrated.

Embiid’s 2022-23 statistics

33.1 points

10.2 rebounds

4.2 assists

1.7 blocks

1.0 steals

54.8% field goal percentage

33% 3-point shooting

85.7% free-throw shooting

Embiid’s advanced stats

PER: 31.4

True shooting percentage: 65.5%

Block percentage: 4.6%

Win shares: 12.3

Embiid’s contract

2023-24: $33.6 million

2024-25: $46.9 million

2025-26: $54.4 million

2026-27: $58.2 million (Player option)


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