By Sally Fahey

Cavaliers forward LeBron James’ timing couldn’t be better.

The future Hall-of-Famer is having one of the best post-seasons of his steller career as the Cavs are headed to the East finals against the Celtics.

And he’ll become an unrestricted free agent after the playoffs.

The Lakers are already known to be one of the top suitors for his services, and the Sixers and Houston Rockets have also been mentioned as possible landing spots.

If ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is to be believed, however, there are only two possibilities for LeBron this summer, and they are the Lakers and the Sixers, via ESPN L.A.:

“LeBron James’ next destination comes down to two cities… L.A. or Philly.

This doesn’t mean the Lakers are locks to land James or Paul George in free agency, but it is proof that the growth this franchise has shown over the past couple of seasons has caught the eye of everyone around the NBA.

Of course, the Sixers have done the same, and even more, as they finished with the third best record in the East and won a playoff series.

There will be plenty of more speculation and rumors from now until the time James makes his final decision and the Lakers will surely be at the forefront of a great deal of them.

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