By Julie Glass

One of the reasons the Sixers are the Philly team on the fastest rise is the personality and play of Joel Embiid.

And he was the star of the NBA lottery show, sitting next to Magic Johnson.

Embiid didn’t pull any punches.

“I think we have a good chance of taking that pick,” he said, leading Johnson to turn and exclaim, “Wait, what?”

Embiid then doubled down: “Hopefully we take that pick.”

It turned out they didn’t, but Embiid still stole the show. When it was announced that the Kings had moved up, the camera cut to Embiid nodding with a knowing smile. Then, when it was announced the Kings would have the fifth pick, Embiid clearly was trying to work through exactly what that meant.

It was the latest perfect performance from a player who delivered so many of them this season for the Sixers, and who will hopefully be back on the court healthy next season after missing his entire first two seasons in the NBA and playing just 31 games this season in his third year in the league.

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