By Peter Gleason

The Sixers don’t start their NBA playoff series against the Heat until tomorrow night at the Wells.

So, it is still hard to pin down the team about whether or not star center Joel Embiid will play.

Doctors are pleased with Embiid’s recovery from a fractured orbital bone in his left eye, but he is unlikely to be cleared in time for game 1.

Embiid, who suffered the injury when he and Sixers team-mate Markelle Fultz collided on March 28, was fitted for a protective face mask.

“I just got to take it day-by-day,” Embiid told reporters. “Obviously I want to play, but right now I feel like I’m not ready yet … with the way it’s been progressing, hopefully I’ll be back soon. Unlikely [that I’ll be back for game one], but there’s still a chance.

“Just based on the way I’ve been feeling the past couple days and how well I’ve progressed, unlikely. But we’re going to see how it feels.”

There is still no official timetable for Embiid’s return and he has yet to be officially removed from the concussion protocol.

“I think everybody knows me, and everybody knows that I love playing,” he said. “If it was my decision, I would probably play. Actually, I wouldn’t say that because I don’t think I’m ready to play, because it still doesn’t feel all the way right.

“Like I said, it’s unlikely, but you never know what can happen, maybe one of these days I’m going to wake up and it’s all going to be gone. But we just got to see how it feels day-by-day.”

Embiid made his first All-Star team this season and leads the 76ers in points (23.2) and rebounds (11.1) per game.

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