By Harry Allison

Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin was interviewed by Business Insider on a host of subjects:

He loves Kendell Jenner and thinks she has been great for her boyfriend Ben Simmons and his game.


What has surprised you about Jimmy Butler’s fit with the team? What conceptions did you have about him that have been different in reality?

Rubin: I think Jimmy’s been incredible. We thought this was a guy who’s incredibly tough, and he’s even tougher than we thought. The way he’s been able to take two game-winning shots in his first few games just shows what he’s made of. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s a real baller making a real difference. He’s making a difference on the court and off the court, really in every aspect of the organization.

How have Butler and Joel Embiid worked together? There was some talk about whether two big personalities like theirs would clash. How has it been?

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m incredibly close with Jo. We talk about this all the time. I think they’re jelling really well. I think they’re liking each other. I think they really believe in each other.

I think, to be honest, the way I’ve seen Ben, Joel, and Jimmy all grow has been pretty incredible. I think Jimmy’s come in with the right attitude: ‘Hey, I don’t care if I don’t make as many shots as I used to because I’ve got two other superstars. I just want to win at all costs.’ By the way, that’s someone we wanted, someone who had a winning attitude. And that’s what he brings to the table.

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