By Michael Grimm

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have not yet fit together offensively, and the Sixers front office has compounded the problem by surrounding them with mediocre shooters.

The roster needs changes, but if the fundamental structure of Simmons and Embiid is in place on opening day next season, coaching will be the single-most important factor in determining whether or not this team succeeds or fails.

If anyone could convince Simmons to start shooting 3s, it would be Doc Rivers.

If anyone could get Embiid into killer shape for an entire season, it would be Rivers.

Say what you will about the decisions that cost the Clippers their season, but players buy into Rivers’ message.

The 76ers need that as much as they need a tactician.

This is an organization sorely in need of a leader, and that is Doc’s single-best trait as a coach.