By Jerry Wein

James Harden has been dropped right into the middle of the Sixers line-up, and so far he has performed flawlessly.

The team is 2-0 after blowout wins in Minny and MSG, and tonight’s home debut for Harden is drawing national attention on ESPN.

Everyone is happy — Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers, Tyrese Maxey, even Mikey Miss and Ty Johnson.

But Tobias Harris hasn’t joined the parade.

He seemed to sulk through Harden’s first two games and scored only 6e and 12 points, respectively, on 5-of-18 shooting, hardly living up to his $32.74 million annual salary.

Leave it to the Inky’s Marcus Hayes to coin the line of the day:

We’ve seen Harris turn inert in the past.

We’ve seen him find a lonely spot on the floor, occupy it, and watch the action.

So far, he’s been hanging out at the three-point line, observing Embiid and Harden either pick-and-roll or play a two-man game from wing to post.

He’s the most expensive statue in Philly. Pretty soon, pigeons are going to start pooping on him.

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