By Peter Gleason

Excuse me, Bob Cooney of the Daily News.

Yesterday, you wrote a piece not even quoting, but referring to an anonymous source that said Sixer center Joel Embiid in fact re-broke the navicular bone in his foot which will require a second surgery and another lost season for the 21-year-old who was drafted No. 3 overall in 2014.

And today, you have another story quoting:

An anonymous podiatrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have nothing against anonymous sources, a useful and necessary resource to support what others have said ON THE RECORD!

But an anonymous podiatrist?

What, you couldn’t find one of the docs for hire that Comcast SportsNet regularly employs?

That is a shameful enough exercise — doctors who have not treated an athlete or seen his X-rays or CT scans bloviating on TV about injuries.

But this is a new low.

To quote Jason Robards playing Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee in “All the President’s Men”:

“When is someone going to go on the record on this fucking story?”

Or does Cooney have a deep throat source?

Meanwhile, the Sixers haven’t responded to your reports.

Wonder why.

On June 13, the 76ers said there was “less healing than anticipated at this point” in Embiid’s right foot. On July 11 they repeated that line, and revealed that Embiid would have another surgery on the foot, and likely miss the upcoming season. But Cooney’s report questions the idea that there was “less healing than anticipated.” He says that Embiid re-broke the navicular bone in his foot, the same injury that kept him out of the entirety of his rookie season. That’s a pretty curious definition of “less healing than anticipated,” if Embiid did indeed (re)break the navicular bone.

This isn’t the only statement from the 76ers that Cooney questions. He writes that on July 9—just two days before the team announced that Embiid would have surgery on his foot—GM Sam Hinkie didn’t mention anything about surgery to reporters questioning him about Embiid’s health, and said he’d give an update soon. Yet Jahlil Okafor later told The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Keith Pompey that he had known about Embiid’s surgery for “a couple of weeks.”

Finally, nobody seems to know when the reported re-break occurred, and what activity Embiid is or isn’t allowed to undertake. Cooney writes that until June 13 was practicing full bore, and after the announcement of “less healing than anticipated” he was still taking flat-footed shots at the team’s practice facility, and wasn’t wearing a boot nor limping. And last week in Las Vegas, after the announcement of his season-ending surgery, Embiid was spotted running “up the steps at the Thomas and Mack Center toward the concourse level.”

When reports about whether a guy ran or walked up some steps and what protective footwear he was or wasn’t wearing while doing so becomes relevant, you can be assured we’re through the looking glass.

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