“Joel is really a guy who has shown no weakness from a skill standpoint, offensively or defensively, so I think he just has to be more of a leader, maybe more of a vocal leader and probably in terms of night in and night out, doing things with matchups on the court that would allow him to be a consistent force,” Sixers legend Julius Erving told at the end of the Sixers Summer Tour yesterday.

By Julia Glass

Erving also thinks Ben Simmons has some work to do too, though he is confident he is doing his best to improve.

“I always thought you work on the skills you are weak in and you work also to improve the skills where you are strong and then you just try to be a consistent force night in and night out,” Erving said. “So with Ben’s shooting, mid-range, long-range, I am sure he has put a lot of time in practicing that.”

“The team is not complete,” Erving said. “I think the team has the core, which is very important to have, and now you have to get the tentacles, you have to get the role players and then you have to get the surprise guys that are better than you thought they were.”

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