Sixers rookie center Jahlil Okafor received a two-game suspension after a second video surfaced of his street fight in Boston last week, and here’s what coach Brett Brown had to say last night in New York:

“This is my personal opinion — I see this in a different light and if this is all going to come out and it’s going to hit him hard and because of the repetitive incidents that are now being revealed that are that dramatic, then this is a good thing. If lessons are going to be learned and this 19-year-old man has to learn the responsibility of wearing a 76ers uniform and carrying an NBA logo, then it has to be done in the magnitude of the national media spotlight to make our point, then I say that’s not a bad thing. Let’s make our point. It is hard love. There have been mistakes that have been made and he has owned it. We will support him, he is ours and we will move on.”

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