By Harry Allison

Sixers forward Robert Covington came to town in 2014 and was immediately nicknamed “Big Shot Rob” for his deadly outside shooting.

In the Celtics series, he has earned a new monicker:

“No Shot Rob!’

He was a non-event again in last night’s 114-112 Sixers loss that handed this series to the Celtics.

He went 6 for 24 from three in this series – and once you remove the 4 for 7 he went from deep in Game 2, that number drops to dismal 2 for 17.

It looked like Sixers coach Brett Brown had finally abandoned Covington when, after demoting him from the starting lineup in Game 4, he went with Justin Anderson as his first wing off the bench in the second half of Game 5. But he quickly soured on Anderson, and chose to go back to Covington late in the third.

The decision has paid off.

Covington hit the three-pointer to put Philly ahead 90-88 early in the fourth quarter, and has been plus-eight for the Sixers during the second half.

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