By Annie Ross

So, as usual, the despicably selfish Sam Hinkie left it to Sixers coach Brett Brown to pick up the pieces of the GM’s resignation.

Just as he did the night last fall when rookie center Jahlil Okafor’s off-court behavior came to a head and Hinkie stiffed writers in Madison Square Garden as he chatted on his cell.

Yesterday, at PCOM, Brown, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, said this to describe his reaction to Hinkie’s departure:

“I say disappointed, selfishly that I’m disappointed. I tell him that. I want him to see this through with us. He deserves, he’s earned the right to see this through. The fact that he’s not going to go over (to Camden) and see a practice facility or see Joel Embiid play on a court or Dario Saric come over, see our young guys grow, that disappoints me from a human standpoint as much as a professional standpoint. I know he’s taking his hits all over the place, but he hired me. I was his partner. The very large majority of things we did, we did together. We’ll move on.”

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