Dan Gelson of the Associated Press had a fascinating piece about the Sixers in which he quoted coach Brett Brown, president Sam Hinkie and No. 1 draft pick Joel Embiid, who is recovering from foot surgery and likely will miss the entire season:

Some quotes from the article:

“The 76ers coach made the pitch to team president Sam Hinkie that they should ask their trio of hopeful future stars to join them at the FIBA World Cup in Spain to watch Croatian draft pick Dario Saric play in the tournament.

“So Joel Embiid, Michael-Carter Williams and Nerlens Noel packed their bags and off they went to Spain, cornerstones of the woebegone franchise bonding through basketball and rooting on a future teammate. And Brown and Hinkie tagged along for the ride.

” ‘You haven’t lived until you’ve walked through Spain with two 7-footers through an airport,’ Hinkie said.

“In Hinkie’s world, some combo of those three, plus Saric, are the players behind the wheel in Philly’s drive toward respectability.

” ‘I wish we had a more credentialed roster,” Brown said, ‘but we don’t.’

” ‘(Noel) told me that it sucks but you just got to get through it,’ Embiid said about his year without playing. ‘It’s all about the future. You just have to focus on that.’

” ‘I have to grow him,’ Brown said of MCW. ‘His side of the bargain is, he’s going to have to put in legitimate time to earn the right to shoot those shots.’



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