By Marvin Trager

Ex-Sixers coach Larry Brown isn’t in the Hall of Fame for nothing.

After all, he has coached an NBA team (the Pistons) to a title and also a college squad (Kansas) to a Final Four championship.

So, he knows a little bit bit about James Naismith’s beautiful game.

Ane he imparted some of his wisdom about the Sixers to the Inky’s Marc Narducci:

“They lost Jimmy Butler, JJ Redick and T.J. McConnell, three really quality people and quality players,” Brown said. “That’s hard to replace and I hope people understand that. And I don’t want to sound critical of this, but Al Horford is a center.”

Horford was signed as a free agent to be the starting power forward and center when Embiid was out of the game.

During the playoffs when they were on the court together, they were outscored by 34.7 points per 100 possessions according to Basketball Reference.

Brown likes Tobias Harris, but as a power forward, not a small forward.

“I love him, I think he’s a nightmare,” Brown said. “I don’t think 4-men could guard him but it’s tough for him to guard threes, but I love him as a player and he is an unbelievable guy. You are talking about character guys when you talk of Al Horford and Tobias Harris.”

Still, for the Sixers to reach another level, the big steps will have to be taken by Embiid and Simmons.

“I just hope they realize what they have in those two kids because they are really special,” Brown said.

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