By Peter Gleason

If Ben Simmons can’t play any better in the playoffs than he did Thursday night against the Bucks — 6 points, 4 rebounds in 36 minutes ands it looked like he was lost in space — then the Sixers may be 2 and done . Possibly 1!

He couldn’t defend Giannis when the presumptive MVP has his back to the basket. Nobody can.

But it looked like he wasn’t even trying.

But if you’re the only defender in sight, you’ve already committed, you’re in a stance, and one hand is in the air and the other is on his back, you’ve got to see it through. Simmons just put his hands down.

Giannis yells at the end: “He’s a fucking baby.” Now, Simmons is not.

One embarrassing moment doesn’t mean Simmons is shook. He even dunked on Giannis afterward. But two—Simmons finished this game with six points on five shots—sorta kinda does.