By Art Beitchman

As the NBA All-Star game approaches in nine days, Brett Brown and the 76ers are at a crossroads.

Forget identity.

Brown must persuade his star players to listen to him again.

Otherwise he’ll be gone at the end of the 2019-20 season.

With an abysmal 9-19 record away from Wells Fargo Center, the 76ers are inexplicably awful on road turf.


Also you can bet your bottom dollar Brown doesn’t want star center Joel Embiid camped out at the 3-point line too much of the game. But that’s where he spends his time.

I wonder if Brown has had the talk with Jo that no successful championship 7-foot center has ever won a NBA title with that strategy.

Not Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt, O’Neal. Nobody!

These great centers made their living down low on the block, left or right.

Obviously Brown either can’t get through to Embiid, or he doesn’t listen to the head coach. It doesn’t matter which is the case.

Bottom line is that Brown cannot coach this team to success.

With the trade deadline additions of Alec Burke and Glenn Robinson III, they got some better 3-point shooters, 40%, 37% respectively. Let’s hope they can bring that hot shooting to Philly.

Only one possible saving grace for this year’s team is the 1977-78 Washington Bullets.

They are the only NBA title winner to have a losing record on the road. Back then they only won 44 games, went 15-26 on the road but were able to focus better in the playoffs winning the NBA finals.

Hopefully the 76ers can repeat that history.









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