By Tommy Matthews

Here’s what I know about Ben Simmons and James Harden.

One is an overrated, overpaid asshole who hasn’t played a meaningful game of basketball since last June 20.

One is a formerly great player on an aging team which hasn’t played a meaningful since last June.

In case you have trouble keeping track, Simmons is the asshole who has held out for a trade from the Sixers because he is too thin-skinned to face the Philly fans after his colossal meltdown against the Hawks in the playoffs.

Harden is the guy who lolly-gagged in Houston to force a trade, and he wound up on Brooklyn with the always-injured Kevin Durant and the unvaxxed Kyrie Irving.

Does anyone in their right mind think the Nets can win the title with this trio as its core?

No way.

In fact, the Nets have lost eight straight, Durant is out, Harden is out, and it was Irving, who is a buffet at a psychiatrist’s convention, holding the team together.

Shams Charania broke the news late Friday that the Sixers and Nets are talking, or at least talking about talking about a trade.

Woj this morning dropped a bombshell that reported Sixers big boss Daryl Morey and Nets GM Bobby Marx haven’t spoken since Jan. 11:

“What about James?”

“James who?” Marks responded.

The Nets do have two Jameses — Johnson and Harden.

“James Harden.”

“No,” Marks said flatly.

That exchange four weeks ago represents the single, direct communication between Morey and Marks this season, sources told ESPN.

However brief the conversation, messages were delivered in each direction:

The Sixers planned a pursuit of Harden, and the Nets had no intention of surrender.

With three days to go until the trade deadline, this is where the dialogue has remained. Yes, Morey could still pick up the phone and call Marks this week. The Sixers’ ownership group has a strong relationship with Nets owner Joe Tsai, so communication can happen on that level, too.

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