By Michael Donovan

Sixers rookie center Jahlil Okafor’s legal problems aren’t over.

The city of Camden has rejected Okafor’s guilty plea for a speeding incident and reopened the case. He was cited for reckless driving and driving at an excessive rate of speed on Oct. 19 by the Delaware River Port Authority when he was pulled over and admitted going 108 mph on the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Okafor’s attorney said the only reason the case is being reopened is because video surfaced of the Sixers’ big man in Boston street fights last week, which brought to light the speeding violations.

“It’s a shame that any other defendant would come in and be able to enter into a plea agreement and it wouldn’t matter, but because of who he is now he’s almost becoming victimized,” said Okafor’s attorney, Andrew Smith, who was in court for the matter on Thursday.

“And now the city of Camden wants to retract the plea and wants him to do community service and all sorts of requests that would never happen in a speeding case.”

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