By Jerry Wein

Today was another day in the meltdown of the career of Ben Simmons.

His psyche was bruised by Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers honestly and gently critiquing his performance when he choked in the Hawks series last June.

His psyche was good enough to head to Wimbledon with his main squeeze, and to buy a $17 million mansion in the LA burbs.

But today, in what should have been a “come to Jesus” moment, he played the mental card.


Again, with the lame-ass excuses?

Simmons described discomfort in his back to Sixers staff Thursday morning and underwent brief treatment before the medical staff cleared him to work out — only to leave without doing any on-court activity.

The Sixers have fined Simmons nearly $2 million for his absence from four preseason games ($360,000 each), his suspension from Wednesday’s season opener for conduct detrimental to the team, and missed practices, on-court workouts and meetings.