By Tommy Matthews

The best thing about tonight’s Sixers-Wolves game is, of course, the return of the NBA after the All-Star break and James Harden’s first game with the Sixers after his trade for Ben Simmons.

Here’s an extra added attraction:

The big question is whether Simmons, who has yet to play a game for the Nets, will show up and play when Brooklyn comes to Philly to play the Sixers on March 10.

Danny Green, Simmons’ former teammate here, teased it on his Podcast, “Inside the Green Room,”:

“Interesting dynamic of how things went down, interesting dynamic of who went with [Simmons]. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to [Seth Curry and Andre Drummond] yet, but I know they weren’t on the most of cordial terms when he was in Philly, with Drum and Seth. So I wonder how that relationship is now, when I’ll have a chance to talk to them.

“Now, will we shake hands to start? Probably not. First, I’d be highly surprised if he even plays in that game. I don’t know where his health is – mentally, physically, I know he had other issues – and we all know he does not like to play in Philly. So if he does play in that game, I’d be highly surprised.

“But say that does happen? I see it as being a very hectic playoff-like environment, atmosphere, to where itmay be very rough for him. Depending on how he acts – I don’t have any ill wills towards the guy. I don’t hate him, I don’t dislike him, it’s just – for me it’s whatever. I don’t waste more energy going out of my way to dislike him or spend any more energy trying to go out of my way to hate him or do things to him. If he comes up and shows love, I’ll say ‘What’s up?’ That’s the type of deal I’m on. […] But it all depends on how that game goes, how he interacts in that game and how well he plays, how cleanly or non-cleanly he or us plays against each other. That’s going to determine how we shake hands. But I highly doubt he plays in that game, and if he does I highly doubt he wants to shake hands before or after that game.”

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