The Ryder Cup will be played at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin next September

Are you wondering how scenic the course is?

You are at the right place.

We will help you to understand how beautiful a golf course can be. So, let’s talk about…

It will not be shocking that the golf courses’ scenario is just amazing. The authority always tries to choose a place that is surrounded by natural beauty. When they find a place like this for the golf course, then work with other materials.

The golf course authority chooses places like this because they always think that the golfers should enjoy the natural beauty. They think it encourages the golfers to concentrate more on the game.

Want to know how scenic the course is? To know this, you will have to know some of the best-looking golf courses in the world.

Today, we are going to help you guys to know some of them.

The 9 Best-Looking Golf Courses in the World!

We will talk about the 9 most beautiful golf courses around the world. We hope that after knowing them, you will understand how beautiful the golf courses really are. Without wasting any time, let’s jump in the facts.

  1. The Dunes: Shenzhou Peninsula, South China

The golf course is situated beside the sea. The authority uses the coastal sands in the course. The whole area blends with 36 holes. The golfers can enjoy the coastal area sight-seeing besides playing golf.

The golf course also has hills around it. Can you imagine the scenario?

  1. Cape Kidnappers Golf Course: New Zealand

The golf course is set on the high above the North Island’s East Coast of the Pacific Ocean.  This unique golf course is built on the valley landscape and the ridge. It gives the course rolling hills, deep canyons, and dramatic cliffs. The course really has a spectacular view.

  1. Whistling Straits: Kohler, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

This golf course offers the golfers rugged terrain and open space of the link courses of Ireland. The course is set along with the Lake Michigan Shoreline that two miles long. In a word, the golf course has an outstanding view. 

  1. Old Head: Kinsale, Ireland

On the rocky peninsula of the Atlantic ocean is the place where the course is built. From the course, the golfers can enjoy the crashing waves and cliffs below. The famous lighthouse is viewable from the course that enhances the beauty of the course. From every direction, the course has an amazing view.

  1. Manele Golf Course: Lanai, Hawaii

The Pacific ocean’s spectacular view is the most enjoyable part of this golf course. Lava rock, native vegetation, seaside cliffs, and natural ravines create a fair but challenging layout. The beauty of this golf course cannot be expressed in words.

  1. Quivira Golf Club: Baja Mexico

The golf course has 18 holes and from every hole, the golfers can get an amazing view of the Pacific ocean. The shoreline rocks’ dramatic formation, the historical lighthouse, and pounding waves of the ocean have a great combination of natural beauty.

  1. Kingsbarns Golf Links: Fife, Scotland

This golf course is at the nearly to the North Sea’s two miles of area. From the distance of seven miles of St. Andrews historic Old Golf Course, this golf course situated. If we express the beauty of the course, then we must say that it should a dream for every golfer to visit the place.   

  1. Fishers Island Club: New York

This is a private golf course. The course is popular as the panorama for the Atlantic ocean. This golf course has a view of the shoreline of New England. Beachside slopes and elevated greens besides with mature landscape give the course an inexpressible beauty.

  1. Dinosaur Mountain at Gold Canyon: Arizona

The rugged rocks and the superstition mountains, and the Dinosaur mountains make the course outstanding. The natural beauty makes this golf course an interesting and scenic course. Every golf should go there to enjoy the beauty of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a golf course a good investment?

Answer: Yes, a golf course is a good investment. There are more than 17,000 golf courses in the US only. The number of golfers and golf course demand is increasing day by day. So, it is a good option for investment.

What is the eldest golf course in the world?

Answer: St. Andrews historic Old Golf Course is the home of golf. The golf course established in 1552. The golf course is in Scotland.

How long the artificial putting grass last on a golf course?

Answer: The artificial putting grass on the golf course can be last for years. They can be last up to 20 years. Isn’t it interesting?

Our Verdict

If you are a golfer it doesn’t matter what level you do belong to, but we would suggest a visit to the above-mentioned places. Otherwise, you will not understand how scenic the course is. If you have the ability, then try to visit the places.

But, you should concentrate on the improvement of your game first. Then, visit the beautiful golf courses around the world. Best of luck guys.