By Michael Grimm

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers evidently never heard the maxim:

If you’re in a hole stop digging!

According to, a source close to Rodgers says he’s pissed by the response to his effort to explain himself, after testing positive for COVID-19 while being secretly unvaccinated.

He reportedly “feels like he just shared his point of view, and now he’s being crucified for it.”

“He knew some people would disagree with him, but he didn’t know that it would become the shitstorm it became,” per the report. “People who he thought were friends are turning on him.”

Rodgers reportedly is “upset,” and “very unhappy with the response to him.”

Yes, he’s the victim. He’s always the victim. And he’s surely feeling even more victimized because he’s being criticized not only by people in the media whom he can simply write off as part of the “woke mob,” but by Hall of Famers like Fox’s Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, and Howie Long.


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