By Peter Gleason

Eagles fans are no doubt more than aware that a small slice of the lame-ass local media here in Philly is absolutely convinced — like take it the bank — that Supreme Leader Chip Kelly is already plotting his course back to college.

That’s what happens when you have put your stamp on your team with 10 new starters, and you are 1-3 after the first four games of the 2015 season.

Well, Ray Didinger and Reuben Frank and Rob Ellis and Josh Innes, all of whom have either hinted or predicted that Chip will be on a campus soon, have another thing coming.

As Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report writes:

I’ve been hard on Chip Kelly, and he deserves much of the blame for the Eagles’ slow start. Actually, all of it. But let’s be clear. Kelly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The reason is simple: He has total control. A coach with the control Kelly possesses is extremely rare in the NFL. He has the keys to the car, and he won’t give up those keys easily.

According to a team source, Kelly has told people in the Eagles organization that he isn’t moving back to college, and the idea that he would now is ridiculous. So, for the moment at least, that settles that.


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