By Mark Gallagher

The San Francisco 49ers won two playoff games by 17 points each, beating the Minnesota Vikings 27-10 and the Green Bay Packers 37-20.

Despite the high scoring (64 points in two games), the 49ers have not been throwing the ball much. Just 27 times to be exact.

If they throw 25 or fewer times against the Chiefs, they’ll finish in the top 5 in terms of fewest pass attempts by a Super Bowl team in a single postseason.

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27 times in two games is incredible. There are quarterbacks in the NFL that if they threw it “only” 27 times in a game fans would think something was wrong.

So far, the game plan has worked for the 49ers. It may be unorthodox in today’s NFL, but you can’t argue with what’s working.

The question is, how much longer will it work? If the Chiefs throw them off their game plan and they have to throw, can they succeed?

Either way, it’s hard to see Garoppolo tossing the ball 25 times after throwing it just 27 times in the first two playoff games. So the 49ers might be on that list of fewest passing attempts by a Super Bowl team in a single postseason by the end of the game.

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