By Peter Gleason

Howie Roseman has been a failure as Eagles general manager.

He can’t spot talent well enough to draft successfully.

Check the record.

He may be good at cap management, but any accountant right out of business school could do that.

The Eagles have become the joke of the NFL, and for some reason Roseman seems safe.

He must have compromising pictures of owner Jeff Lurie!

The Inquirer’s Paul Domowitch reports that Lurie hasn’t even considered the idea of stripping Roseman’s power:

One thing that definitely isn’t hanging in the balance, though, much to the chagrin of many Eagles fans, is the future of the general manager, Howie Roseman. Sources close to owner Jeffrey Lurie said that while no decision has been reached on whether Pederson will be back for a sixth season, Roseman’s return never has been in doubt. In fact, it’s not even something Lurie has contemplated.

“[Lurie] likes to be surrounded by people that he feels he can trust without any reservation,” said a league executive who has worked with both Lurie and Roseman. “People that kind of know him and how he thinks, and vice-versa. Jeffrey is very uncomfortable in situations where he doesn’t have people like that immediately around him. And there’s nobody else there that can be that to him at the moment other than Howie. So I have a hard time picturing him standing there without anybody like that by his side.”

‘But Lurie is fiercely loyal to Roseman, who’s risen through the organization from intern to GM and has been here since 2000. Lurie even kept Roseman over his boyhood friend, team president Joe Banner, when Roseman and Banner were locked in a power struggle a few years ago. Jeffrey sees Howie as a messiah,” a one-time Eagles front-office exec said Wednesday. “Howie can do no wrong in his eyes.”’

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