By Harry Allison

Freshman forward Jeremiah Robinson-Earl has spurned the NBA and will return to Villanova in 2020-21.

Robinson-Earl started all 31 games for Villanova in 2019-20, averaging 32.7 minutes, 10.5 points and 9.4 rebounds per contest.

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright:

“A few days ago Jeremiah called me and told me he wanted to just continue working out and concentrate on getting better. He said ‘ I don’t want to bother with the NBA stuff, so I just want to say I’m coming back. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of this.”

“The (NBA) early entry committee gave him pretty good feedback. He definitely would have gotten drafted, probably in a decent position. Jeremiah’s a really thoughtful kid. I think he really wants to be a complete player going into the draft. He saw the improvement he was making through (2019-20) and feels like he probably wasn’t going to stay in the draft anyway, so let’s just concentrate on the (Villanova) team and his workouts.

“I told him all along – he would have been fine if he came out this year, because of his talent and his work ethic.”

“The uncertainty of what the NBA is going to do did a play a part in this,” Earl said. ” I just feel like I don’t want to worry a lot about that with the times we’re all going through right now. I just want to focus on getting better, going back to Villanova and getting my mind set on that.”

“I feel like we’ll be a great team next year. We always talk here about how the teams that won before had junior and senior leaders, guys that had been in the program. I feel like we’ve all been through at least one year, because we had five freshmen. We’ll have juniors becoming seniors and we’ll have a lot more leadership going into it. We’ll be well-prepared.”

“One thing that’s important as a team at this time, it’s our communication. It’s so key now because there aren’t a lot of gyms open or places where you can go work out. So communication is big.”

“I did get some feedback (from the NBA) and it was good feedback. I just felt like I wanted to focus on being a better overall player. The feedback was that I would have gotten drafted but I feel like I can put myself in a better position just by coming back.”

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