The year 2020 was a challenge to the sporting world, its athletes, and fans.

But still, many were able to enjoy the games they love and are very thankful for the resumption of some of the most anticipated sporting events.

With the opening of 2021, football fans are now in second gear.

The regular season is over and the 14-team playoffs begin this weekend, expanded from 12 teams.

Bettors are doubling their research to come up with the best strategy and wager on to the team with the best odds.

If you’re a new bettor, here are the things you need to know on how to bet on the Super Bowl.

Sports betting is as old as the sport itself. It has become popular to many since bets or wagers add excitement while watching the games. Fans, in a way, get involved by putting a personal stake in the game. Because of these wagers, they become part of the team. These bets can be for fun between friends and family or purely for monetary gains.

Betting platforms have also been increasing lately because of the business it generates. It evolved from buying betting tabs from bookers to developing into a betting station and office. With the internet’s onset, betting for your favorite sports team has become much easier, thus reaching a broader market.

Making a bet is easier said than done. Nowadays, with teams showing drastic improvements to their playstyle, it’s crucial to know which team to put your stake on.

Luckily, there are resources and data fans can access for their betting research. Various media and platforms are used by sports organizations to relay this knowledge to the fans. With this kind of information, sports fans can decide what team to bet on.

Here are some platforms that you can check:

NFL News and Websites

A great way to stay updated is to get the game information from the league. Fans and bettors are thankful to be kept updated by the league in terms of standings, game scores, and news from different teams. Also, the information on league rules and format will allow fans to understand the game better and make sound judgments when betting.

Team Social Media Accounts and Websites

Suppose you have a specific team to cheer on during the football season. Official media channels from the group itself will become handy. With social media, you’ll get official news updates about the teams. Most of them also have an official team website that provides more depth about the team’s current status.

Sports Dedicated Media

Hard copies of sports magazines used to be the primary source of sports information back in the day, getting exclusive news from football insiders themselves. Interviews with athletes and executives provide the reader with useful references to decide which team to go for.

But with everything being mostly online nowadays, these magazine companies made the information available on the web for all to access.

Sportsbooks and Sports Betting Sites

Sometimes, the information that fans need is provided by the bookies. From being just the receiving role of a punter’s wagers, sportsbooks and betting offices have become trusted resources when it comes to betting odds, team standings and player movements, and even league game formats.

Bookies are an effective and reliable one-stop-shop for game details, information, and betting activity. Moreover, this is how sportsbooks gain and keep customers. When a bettor visits a bookie, they will discuss to fans all available options for the desired bet, including realistic odds and game predictions. That is a way to manage clients’ expectations and overall betting experience.

Placing a Bet

A fan with enough information can easily place a bet for a team. With existing betting offices and sportsbooks, bettors can visit the physical offices to place the bet. Meanwhile, some log-in online to their favorite booking sites and transact virtually.

Just be vigilant enough to know first the legitimacy of the betting office and sportsbook you will deal with. You are dealing with money, so it’s important to be safe and secured.

Securing the Bet

Back in the day, an agreement on bets was made through a discussion and finalized with a handshake. Some did a simple recording with written notes and signatures. That process eventually led to the development of receipts or proof of payments or bets made.

It still proved to be in use nowadays as the number of patrons increased. Receipts are still secure proof of bets that were made to protect the bookies and the bettor. As a punter, you should keep your transaction receipt in place. When betting online, keep the information secure from hackers as well.


After an exciting 17 weeks of the 2020 NFL season, Super Bowl 55 is indeed an event worth looking forward to. For bettors, it’s time to gear up and make their wagers.

But like any activity, it really pays to be prepared and informed. You can regularly update yourself with league news and team developments before betting. Doing this can help you in making better choices in future bets.



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