Says Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports:

If Britt Reid drove directly from the office to that crash site, then that means the “2-3 drinks” he admitted to, if not more, were consumed while at work. Was it done in secret?

Legally, the Chiefs organization doesn’t have to say anything. Liability issues are, of course, everywhere. Lawsuits are assuredly coming. This is a private company.

Staying quiet and not helping is within the Chiefs’ rights. It doesn’t mean it would be right.

Andy Reid and Clark Hunt owe Felicia Miller an answer. They owe Ariel an answer. They owe Kansas City an answer because as popular as football is and as exciting as a Super Bowl can be, it is still just football.

This sad and terrible story is nowhere near over. All eyes on this little girl battling to live, battling to just wake up. All eyes on her family raising money for their new, crushing reality.

And all eyes on the circumstances that caused this tragedy and the powerful people who can help the most, and reveal the truth, at least if they choose to do so.

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