By Julie Glass

Curt Schilling says his apparent diss by the Red Sox the other night when members of the 2004 World Series champs threw out the first ball in this year’s Game 2 but not him was no biggie.

The former Phillies and Red Sox pitcher wrote a lengthy Facebook post early yesterday to explain that he’s totally not mad about it.

Schilling has no love for Red Sox owners and executives. He has previously accused them of being shady and dishonest with him over his contract in the final few years of his career, and he still seems miffed about it.

White privileged rich “men” hate me? People, who have and will again ruin others lives to make themselves appear flawless? People who’ve never broken a sweat, cried and or bled for something bigger than themselves think ill of me?

Schilling recognized that public opinion may have played a part in his non-involvement, and took offense to people calling him racist.

The anger for me is what people have done and said to my family. First off 99% of the complaints and disparaging comments are complete lies and total bull—-. To this day no one has ever provided even an ounce of evidence to prove or convince people I am a racist.

Why? Why not a single teammate ever, 22+ years, ever came out and said I was a racist, bigot or any other bull—- tag liberals want to pin on me. No cab driver, clubhouse guy, hotel staffer, or fan, has ever or will ever come out with that kind of story about me because it does not exist.

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