By Art Beitchman

In 53 years, the 76ers have won two NBA titles and have attracted some of the best players in history like Philly’s native Wilt Chamberlain (above)!

Here’s the all-time first team, with the second and third teams coming up Wednesday and Thursday:


Billy Cunningham — Billy “the Kid” was the sixth man on the 1967 championship team, averaged 18.5 points per game off the bench for a team that was voted the greatest team in the history of the NBA. Billy was also a fantastic rebounder and a clutch player. A member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Julius Erving — Doctor J played 11 seasons for the 76ers, and dazzled Philly fans year after year. The Doc led the Sixers to four NBA finals, winning the 1983 championship with the flair he displayed his entire NBA career. In game 4 against the LA Lakers, Julius scored the final seven points of the game, to secure the NBA Title. A member of the Basketball Hall of fame.


Wilt Chamberlain — The “Big Dipper” blazed a trail throughout the NBA that was never seen before, or since. Holds the NBA record for points (100) and rebounds (55) in a game. If those two stats aren’t mind-boggling enough, check this one out: Uncle Wiltie averaged 39 points and 29 rebounds a game for the first seven years of his NBA career. He “only” averaged 24 points and 24 rebounds for the ‘67 Sixers, leading them to their first NBA Title. A member of the Basketball Hall of fame.


Hal Greer — One the greatest mid-range jump shooters in the history of the NBA. He even shot his jump shot at the foul line. Started for ‘67 Sixers and scored over 20 a game for the season. A member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Allen Iverson — AI won four scoring titles , and the 2001 NBA MVP. Led the Sixers to the NBA Finals that year. The best 6-foot-tall player in league history. His 26.7 points per game average for his career is bested only by Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame last month.


Cunningham — Won 454 games as 76ers coach, guided them to three NBA finals. Won the 1983 Championship. Was 76er head coach from ’78 to ’85.



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