By Sally Fahey

Eagles defensive lineman Josh Sweat went down in the first quarter and needed to be stabilized on a stretcher and carted off the field after he attempted to make a tackle in the first quarter.

Shortly after the injury, the Eagles announced that Sweat has been transported to a local hospital for precautionary reasons, but had movement in all his extremities.

“It’s always hard when a guy goes down and you see him go down at first and you don’t see him move,” defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said after the game.

“At first he went down and he didn’t move. It’s really eye-opening. The first thing you ask him is, ‘Are you OK?’ and he responded. And that was important. You see him move his feet, you see him move his hands and you see him throw a thumbs up. We’ll see.

“He’s probably feeling better now but at the time I think the training staff did a really good job of making sure that they kept him in place and making sure nothing was really wrong with him. He was smiling, so he was in good spirits. I’m sure some of the guys, maybe a lot of guys, are going to check on him, see how he’s doing.”

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