By Theodore N. Beitchman

There’s nothing more pathetic than journos whining about how pandemic rules for covering our teams should be lifted because, you know, it’s soooooooooo hard to cover the games when you can’t get into a locker room.

As if the rest of society hasn’t had it just as hard as people who are actually paid to watch games for a living.

Now the journos’ argument would be just a little more persuasive if they ever got any quotes from locker-room grilling that would be called, you know, memorable.

But they don’t.

The only writers who get better quotes than the Inky etc. are writers who are paid by the teams — Dave Zangaro for the Eagles and’s Todd Zolecki.

Players are more inclined to spend more time with them and perhaps open up more because they play for the same team.

Somehow, the Inky felt it was wise to post Mike Sielski’s screed begging the owners of sports to do something about it:

If you’ve paid any attention over the last 14 months, you know that the primary prism through which everyone has viewed sports during the pandemic has been a screen: a television screen, a computer screen, a phone screen, pre- and postgame questions over Zoom, precious little interpersonal interaction.

Now the country is opening up. COVID cases are dropping. Mask mandates are disappearing.

So this is a request, almost a plea, for the major sports institutions in this country – the NFL, the NCAA, the NBA, MLB, the NHL, MLS, all of them – to restore as much independent-media access to their executives and coaches and athletes as possible. The closer that these leagues and franchises get to the way things once were, the better for everybody.

The fact is that local reporters get white-bread quotes because the game has changed. Players and coaches know how to obfuscate using code words and pivots from questions they don’t want to answer.

That’s as true in person as it is in Zoom.

Sielski wants everyone to want a buggy whip when the world has moved on to driverless cars.

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