By Peter Gleason

Crybaby Ben Simmons actually worked out at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday.

Which is surprising.

Because he is allegedly too frail mentally to play for the Sixers and face the wrath of the fans.

But there it is.

And what exactly is at the heart of Simmons desire to force a trade?

He doesn’t feel the team treated him fairly and he feels betrayed!

That’s what’s buried in this Michael Tillery interview with the Inky’ Keith Pompey:

I think Ben Simmons wanted to be traded. I feel like, he felt like how it was; people weren’t loyal to him. I do feel like he’s dealing with some stuff. I do. There were times last year that the 76ers were like making it seem like he was bothered by one thing, but they knew it was something else.

I just feel like he feels betrayed. He feels like nobody really has his back, and it’s time to move on. Not only that. He also knows that the average Philadelphian wants him outta here. They don’t want him. There’s gonna be no more hostile place for Ben Simmons to play than in Philadelphia.

That’s it in a nutshell right there. He doesn’t want to face these fans, man.

Pompey: Yeah that’s some of it. That’s a lot of it, but I also don’t think people were loyal to him either.

Coming out of LSU, there were rumors he didn’t want to play here. That he wanted to play in LA. I struggle with Ben. I covered him in those early years here. He seemed totally naïve at times, yet linkng up with Klutch Sports it’s evident he’s trying to build a professional career that can be respected, based on his representation.

I’m trying not to do him a superficial disservice by just saying he doesn’t’ want to play here because it’s just about the fans. There seems to be a lot more to it. I was one of the few to write about the stuff with his sister.

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