“I still believe we’re a playoff team, yes,” Flyers GM Ron Hextall said after a players-only meeting followed their 9th straight defeat. “We need to be better at some critical moments, but some of it we have to keep doing what we’re doing because we’re doing a lot of good things. (Tuesday) I don’t think was our best game, but we’re feeling some fatigue in the third period and probably a little bit of frustration.”

By Sarah Berkowitz

There were lots of empty seats on Tuesday night and boos emanating from the crowd that was there — chanting “Fire Hakstol,” referring to the coach

“We gotta stick with it. We gotta stick together,” Hextall said. “We gotta win Saturday. That’s our focus right now. We gotta win Saturday.”

“We have to learn from our mistakes and we aren’t learning from our mistakes because we continue to make the same ones game after game after game,” Wayne Simmonds said. “So it’s on guys like myself and the older guys on the team. Take a hold of this thing. Get us going in the right direction. Whatever it takes.”

What makes the Flyers’ bosses believe this garbage?

“Because I’ve seen it,” Hakstol said. “I’ve seen it with the group of guys. I know the core leadership group and I disagree. I don’t think it is the same mistakes. I think a lot of different things that have gotten us. There’s things you just have to get over the hump on.

“You go back to work. You do it,” Hakstol said. “There’s no magic formula. You go back to work. You believe in the guy that’s next to you. We’ve got a good group of older guys, veterans. We’ve got a good group of young guys. We’ve got guys that work. We all gotta do better. Bottom line.”

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