With the supposed start of spring training right around the corner, there seems to be no sign of progress in MLB labor negotiations. So, we continue to wait.

The latest news seems to be that things are at almost a complete standstill, causing MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to request an independent mediator be brought in to aid the process, with players up in arms as this would pause talks for weeks as the mediator became familiar with the ins and outs of talks.

Negotiations have gone so poorly that the US Secretary of Labor has offered to personally step in and help smooth things over between the MLBPA and the league. Why is baseball constantly attracting the attention of politicians, anyway?

As a fan, this is incredibly frustrating. The hot stove had barely begun to heat up when the lockout ended all progress in negotiations between teams and free agents, as well as trade talks between teams themselves. We previously discussed some moves the Phillies could make to improve their chances post-lockout, but at this point who knows how behind the scenes team-building talks have progressed.

If you are interested in betting on the Fightins in hopes of some big moves being made after the lockout, now may be a good time to bet on the Phils, as many betting sites on the list of Pennsylvania sportsbooks have their World Series odds as high as +3500 right now. You can place your bets with the hope that we can even have a season to celebrate in 2022. Talks will continue between Manfred and Tony Clark, and we may even be able to watch some baseball at some point this year!

With the MLB already losing fans to other sports and the average age of baseball viewers continuing to rise, it’s hard to imagine this circus is good for the game at all. If the season is truncated (as it probably will be) this would be two out of three MLB seasons that have been cut short after 2020’s pandemic-shortened campaign. For a sport that desperately needs new viewers, losing the 2022 season to a lockout would be disastrous.

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