By Sam Bush

Joe Girardi will be overseeing the Phils first official workout today, and here’s what he said by Zoom yesterday:

“We’re going to be approaching this season as everything we do is going to be different than anything we’ve ever done,” Girardi said.

“I think it’s going to take a lot of patience by players, having to do things yourself that normally you didn’t do. I think the focus has to be on doing things the right way. The veterans have to set the example — not complaining about it. ‘God, this is uncomfortable.’ Of course, it’s uncomfortable. But we also know how much we really truly miss the game and being at the ballpark. You can’t ever forget that. We were all dying to get back. Whatever it takes, let’s do this. Let’s play games and go have fun. And let’s go win. That’s the message.

“It really comes down to social responsibility. People distancing and people wearing masks is really what it comes down to. If communities and states and our country are able to do that, I definitely think that we can do this. But if we don’t and we have a lack of judgment, we jeopardize everything. So, for me, it comes down to really how socially responsible we are as an industry, as a state and as a country. I think we can do it.”