By Art Beitchman

The Phillies are picking up the failed pieces of a season that fell way flat of expectations.

Someone must answer for these bad judgments on player personnel.

GM Matt Klentak is first in line for me.

What made him believe that a starting pitching rotation that included Vinny V, Zach Eflin and Nick Pivetta could be a successful 3rd, 4th and 5th starter behind Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta?

That is a question owner John Middleton must chew over as he decides to bring Klentak back or cut him loose.

Former Red Sox GM — and World Series champion — Dave Dombrowski is out on the market as a replacement.

Gabe Kapler is everyone’s whipping boy in Philly for the teams failures — he’s too steeped in analytics, some say.

Kapler could have played small ball better to a degree this season — not getting that runner over to third when the lineup was struggling was a problem, but Kap has a year left on his contract. He could go or stay for 2020.

But let’s get real: Connie Mack, the most-winning manager in MLB history with 3,731 wins, would have been hard-pressed to get one more win over 81 with the team the Phillies put out there, especially the lame starting rotation the Phillies believed could net them to a playoff spot!

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