By Sam Bush

Phillies rookie Alec Bohm is literally and figuratively in the major league on-deck circle.

As one of the Phillies’ top offensive prospects in years, 2020 could be the season in which he’s finally able to show off the big bat that’s made waves throughout the minors.

The problem is that his fielding, as well as Rhys Hoskins’ and potentially Jean Segura’s and Scott Kingery’s, are sub-optimal at the corners of the infield where they may be forced to play.

A DH would remove the need to prioritize good fielding over hitting should a player’s ability in the field prove to be too much of a liability.

The Phils could place Bohm in the DH slot, keeping the field the way it is while adding some extra pop in the lineup. Should Bohm’s defense prove to be usable at the MLB level, the DH could be used instead on someone like Rhys Hoskins, and Bohm could fill in at first, Segura at third, Kingery at second, and so on.

Outfield pieces would benefit as well, as the Phillies could ease Andrew McCutchen back from injury by slotting him in as the DH, or could utilize the power-hitting skills of Jay Bruce when he otherwise would be sitting on the bench.

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