By Sam Bush

So, the Phillies finally have an adult in the room in president Dave Dombrowski.

He was introduced last Friday on a Zoom presser, and he said all the rights things.

During their hour-long conversation last Tuesday, owner John Middleton reportedly asked Dombrowski to keep an open mind about coming to the Phillies.

Dombrowski, 64, received a four-year contract, the Athletic has reported.

Dombrowski said he considers this a retool, not a rebuild. He believes there are many good players on the team, specifically mentioning having Bryce Harper and three good pitchers atop the rotation.

“Now when I say this, I know John wants to win,” Dombrowski said. “We have flexibility of finances, but when I say that I don’t think it’s an unlimited amount of funds. You always realize there is some type of budget attached to that. We will work within that.

“I think it’s more important, too, that we build an organization that can be competitive year in and year out, so that will really be the focus in addition to trying to win. I don’t look at this as a situation as we are one player away from winning. I think we need to do a few things with this team. And I really don’t want to be sacrificing people that might be part of our future success for short-term gains if it’s not the difference-maker in trying to be a championship club.”

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