By Sam Bush

The Phillies have scraped back into serious post-season contention, and with the trade deadline approaching in five days, here’s’s look at their prospects:

What they need: “What the Phillies need is a direction. They need starting pitching. They need some relievers, because none of them can seem to stay healthy. They need an outfielder. Across the infield, they’re OK.” — AL scout

Who they might move: “It’s possible they could look to move Major League pieces. They keep changing their mind on Maikel Franco, for example, but they’ve talked about Franco for bullpen help a whole bunch of times for a couple of years now.” — NL executive

What they can get: “In some ways, it would make sense for them to go all-in for a dude who has control. Matthew Boyd would make sense, but the Tigers have been asking for an insane amount in return. Madison Bumgarner would have been a good answer, but the Giants are good all of the sudden. I saw a report that they were attached to Zack Greinke. I know he’s kind of a different guy and might not enjoy Philadelphia that much, but that would work. They need a name, because Jake Arrieta just hasn’t been enough.” — AL scout

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