By Sam Bush

As we digest our Thanksgiving turkey, Jon Heyman of is digesting the race to sign free agent Bryce Harper:

The Yankees have been linked to Harper, but mostly due to the belief he has interest in them, while the Mets would be seen as a stunner as a player for Harper since no one’s even speculated that as a possibility. That doesn’t make either team likely or certainly the favorite, but they shouldn’t be completely discounted, either.

The Phillies have been seen as a favorite for the mega star, and perhaps the favorite. However, the field isn’t small, and there are signs there could be at least some interest in Harper on the part of the Yankees and even the Mets.

The Yankees have made it clear they are pursuing pitching first with an interest in this year’s other free agent superstar, Manny Machado, who is a better fit for them positionally than Harper, and they haven’t changed that stance, with one Yankees person suggesting it’s not likely as recently as Wednesday morning. However, there’s word of multiple contacts between the Yankees and Harper’s camp, and rival execs see the Yankees as a threat. As one put it, “They can’t be happy the Red Sox passed them by.”

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