By Sarah Paley

Rhys Hoskins season is over as a result of the ACL tear he suffered Thursday as he was playing first base in a Phils exo.

And, sorry to say, his time with the Phils may also be coming to an end.

Maybe his career too.

The Athletic’s Matt Gelb puts Hoskins star-crossed career in perspective:

More than anything, people wanted Rhys Hoskins to be good. They saw it when it was really, really good. They wanted that guy — all the time.

But that’s not how it works. Sometimes, they overlooked what it actually was. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

On Thursday afternoon, Rhys Hoskins’ career with the Phillies might have ended.

Maybe he should have fielded the ball hit to him more cleanly. Maybe his spike wouldn’t have caught the grass at an awkward angle and his left leg would not have twisted, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and forcing a surgery that — barring a miracle — ends his 2023 season before it ever started.

He was always this franchise’s tragic figure.

Misplaced as the best player on dreadful teams.

Installed as the club’s de facto spokesman for collapse after collapse.

And, finally, a solid player on a team full of stars with such great expectations.

This was the best Phillies team ever assembled around Rhys Hoskins, and now, he will not be part of it.

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