By Sam Bush

Phils great shortstop Jimmy Rollins isn’t going to the Hall of Fame.

Not yet.

Rollins appeared on 9.4 percent of ballots cast by eligible BBWAA voters. Rollins, who is in his first year of eligibility, fell far short of the 75 percent needed for enshrinement, but he also landed above the 5 percent threshold required to remain on the ballot.

Ryan Howard got 8 votes, 2 percent, and fell off the ballot.

Scott Rolen, who was Rollins’ teammate in Philadelphia from 2000-02, appeared on 10.2 percent of ballots in his first year of eligibility (2018), but he hit the 63.2 percent mark in his fifth year of eligibility in 2022.

Players have 10 years of eligibility with the BBWAA, meaning Rolen is trending in the right direction with five years to go.

Rollins has nine years to go.

Former Phillies ace Curt Schilling is out of time, falling short in his 10th and final year of eligibility. The postseason legend with the Phillies, D-backs and Red Sox appeared on only 58.6 percent of ballots, unquestionably hurt by controversial comments he has made since the end of his playing career in 2007. Schilling appeared on 71.1 percent of ballots last year, then asked to be removed from the ballot.

Former Phillies closer Billy Wagner (51 percent, up from 46.4 percent, seventh year of eligibility), right fielder Bobby Abreu (8.6 percent, down from 8.7 percent, third year), first baseman Ryan Howard (2 percent, first year) and closer Jonathan Papelbon (1.3 percent, first year) also received votes.

Howard and Papelbon will not return to the ballot after falling short of the 5 percent requirement.

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