By Sam Bush

After a two-month lockdown caused by the coronavirus, you would think Phillies fans would be jumping out of their skin with “pent-up demand,” in the words of Donald Trump, for the season to start.

But many fans are cautious about the future.

With baseball suspended and a return date still unknown, The took the temp of Phillies fans.

Some of the results were predictable, and others were surprising. More than 900 readers participated; overall, they came across a bit more pessimistic than one might expect for a team led by a new veteran manager and with a solid core of players still in their primes.

Still, their skepticism is understandable.

The organization is coming off two September collapses that culminated with the firing of manager Gabe Kapler.

Everything isn’t bleak, however. Phillies fans are looking forward to the season even though they aren’t exactly thrilled with management.

Bryce Harper has already become a fan favorite. The team’s followers are confident the front office will re-sign catcher J.T. Realmuto. But when it comes to fans describing their feelings on the state of the team and its future … well, that’s where things become more complicated.