Says Jayson Stark of The Athletic:

JOE DIMAGGIO’S CAREER: .325/.398/.579

Yep, they’ve turned the entire sport into Joe DiMaggio! So how do you win a group Cy Yuk award? That’ll do it.

NL CY YUK — That Phillies bullpen (yikes!)

They’ve earned this one. Here would be a few reasons:

Their 7.17 bullpen ERA and .958 opponent OPS? Trails only those immortal 1930 Phillies (8.01), a team that played in a park (Baker Bowl) with a right-field fence that was 280 ½ feet from home plate!

This crew’s 1.83 WHIP and .320 opponent average? Both the worst by any bullpen since Cuddles Marshall’s 1950 St. Louis Browns (1.97 WHIP, .326 AVG)!

That .958 opponent OPS? Creeping dangerously close to the all-time record, again set by those 1930 Baker Bowl Phillies!

Oh, and that .563 slugging percentage this bullpen has given up? Also by far the worst in the history of baseball! (Next-worst? That .539 SLG by the 1930 Phillies.)

They’ve served up 41 home runs in 177 innings! That works out to an unfathomable 2.08 per every nine innings they’ve pitched — by far the worst rate of any bullpen in history. (Next closest: 1.73, by the 2019 Orioles.)

And one more thing about those 41 homers. That’s more home runs allowed by the bullpen than Phillies starters have given up (38) — in 119 more innings! And how many bullpens in the live-ball era have ever done that? C’mon, that would be zero, according to our friends at — as long as you factor out “openers” and just look at seasons in which the starters pitched significantly more innings.

But those are just the highlights — or should that be the lowlights? — for a team that still has more blown saves (13) than saves (11). This is a team that has lost 14 games it led by at least two runs (most in baseball), seven it led by at least three runs (most in baseball) and four it led by at least four runs (yep, most in baseball).

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