By Sam Bush

Like the rest of the Phillies, Bryce Harper is sitting home — in Las Vegas — instead of banging baseballs for a living because of the pandemic pause.

Harper said he hopes to play as many games as possible this season, but he knows there are bigger things at stake than baseball.

“First and foremost it’s the health of everybody in this country,” he told “This is something that is really serious. We can’t just think about ourselves in this situation and us getting back to playing baseball because we want to.

“Of course, I think there’s a lot of people out there that miss their sports and you miss the competition and things like that, but you also have an opportunity to keep spreading it and it coming back and things like that, so I mean, it’s really serious. We need to think about our neighbors, our elderly and our parents. … As of right now there’s nothing we can really do and we’ve just got to wait until our government kind of tells us what to do.

“Once Major League Baseball and the union can solidify something and figure that all out, then we’ll get back. But right now we need to come together as a country and do what we can as individuals and citizens and try to help out as much as much as possible.”

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